Alt designs created by talented designers and artists, from Illustrators, tattoo artists, graphic designers, painters and doodlers, crafted into high quality heavy metal influenced products, ranging from goth clothing, street wear, gig wear and lounging around the house for all ages, genders and sizes.

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Temptations that 
rule our lives

Featured on FOM.jpf

Who wouldn’t want their lives rules by such unique and intricate designs? Focussing on four of the seven deadly sins, Gluttony, Greed, Pride and Envy, our latest creative venture just so happens to be our most tempting and desirable yet.

Be gluttonous and greedy when selecting your favourites, fill yourself with pride as you strut around making onlookers green with envy at your fashion choices.

Be yourself, embrace your individuality, indulge yourself, and emerge draped in Dead Head’s most tempting creation.

Latest Releases

Latest and Greatest Heavy Metal Clothing infused with a ton of attitude and self definition, set your wild side free!