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The Dead Head Story.

Imagine this; two budding music moguls half a world apart, came kicking and screaming into the world into what ended up being destiny aligned in the metal-head stars - and little did they know they’d come together to create something beautiful. In a story of two vastly different worlds colliding and a shared love of music, we find two individuals who thrive in exactly that - being individual - and encourage that same individuality in others.

Goth Girls
Ms Dead Head, Goth Chic

Let’s set the scene…


Dreaming of the day they could travel to London to experience the surreal magic of live concerts, two strangers looked up at the same moon, with the same hopes and fantasies, not knowing the other was just a few thousand miles away. Their upbringing couldn’t offer more of a stark contrast, a tiny mill town in the Lancashire dales juxtaposed to a farming community in the depths of South Africa, Black Sabbath and The Clash battling it out against Sepultura and Nine Inch Nails - both belonging to rock subgenres, but still completely divergent in their own rights. 

Mr Dead Head, Metal Head
Mr Dead Head, Metal Head with long hair and lip piercing

Flicking through the shiny pages of  Metal Hammer and Kerrang and seeing bands in the cramped backs of church halls did little to satisfy their cravings, they longed to escape their small town lives to go to the big city.

Worlds collide, and a fashion designer stumbles upon a computer enthusiast with a penchant for drumming - setting the wheels in motion for the dream to become a fantastic reality. From idyllic settings to the raucous streets of London, the pair couldn’t find themselves anywhere more different from where they were formed - but that’s exactly what they were looking for.

Mr Dead Head, Metal Head with slipknot shirt
Ms Dead Head, goth chick laying on couch

Jump forward to the early 21st Century and we see our dreamers finally meet. After dabbling in a variety of different careers, from designing to gig promoting and everything in between, the two set their sights on participating in the biggest mosh pits they could possibly find, and boy did they find them. 

Mr Dead Head, Metal Head with long hair wearing Download festival shirt
Ms Dead Head, goths

After ticking off some of the biggest name acts from their endless musical bucket-lists, Amanda and Rudi found themselves meeting their match in each other and their comrades. This metal-head community felt more like a family, and the future Dead Head founders discovered a place where they felt they truthfully belonged.

Metal Heads at metal show
Mr Dead Head, Metal Head at download festival

As we all well and truly know, everything came to a halt in early 2020, but the Dead Head gang took this in their stride and used this time to refine their creative ventures and grow as a team. They looked to reinvigorate their metal community and delve more into what brought them to London in the first instant - their shared love of music. And lo and behold, Dead Head as we know it today was born.

Ms Dead Head dj'ing at show

A passion for music and fashion perfectly amalgamated to produce incredible designs and dazzling creations for those who need somewhere to fit in. 

Dead Head is for the misfits, for those who know that you need to take risks to find your tribe, find where you belong in the big wide world. For those that know you simply must Define Yourself.


Dead Head welcomes everyone.

Mr Dead Head, Metal Head with piercings
Ms Dead head with Horror Makeup
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