About Us

Our Vision

Growing up influenced by the greatest heavy metal bands has taught the most important life lessons of being yourself and self definition, and we at Dead Head Ltd aim to carry on providing means for all sexes, ages and sizes the ability to be themselves by working with alternative artists, designers, illustrators and painters to bring you the latest creations of horrific designs and crafted into comfortable and high quality street wear, gig wear and lounge wear.


Our Goals

Our company motto is “Define Yourself”.

We are a company run by alternative people for alternative people.

We believe in self-determination and self-expression.

Dead Head aims to provide high quality, fairly produced clothing and merchandise for the alternative community.

We strive to be a living wage employer for ALL our staff now and for always. We believe that a good company looks after their staff. We believe a great company empowers and gives their staff a platform to grow.


We believe in equality for all. This means that we do not just provide a level playing field, we offer extra support for those who need it.

This extends but is not limited to no discrimination based on sex, race, gender identity, sexuality, economic status, criminal background, or anything else that might lead to a disadvantage in being able to live true to yourself.

Further to this, Dead Head has committed to ensuring that each year we contribute 5% of all our profits to a chosen charity that helps support people out of economic hardship. We are also dedicated to offering employment and mentorship to our homeless community.

We understand we cannot change the life of all homeless people yet, but it is our aim to help at least one person each year gain a foot back into financial and residential security.

We aim to be transparent in all our business dealings. We intend to embrace our mistakes as well as our success. We believe that consumer trust is more important than profit.

We are dedicated to supporting our live music scene. We want to encourage new bands and support venues.

We believe in community not competition.