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Ms Dead Head Is BRINGIN THE NOISE to Fangtasia

Some of you following our label might be aware that over the years Mr and Ms Dead Head have got up to some interesting antics.

Ms Dead Head spent most of the first half of the 2000s promoting bands, performing cabaret and DJing at various shows and clubs across London.

One of her favourite venues to perform and spin records at was hidden in the arches of Bethnal Green. Home to the infamous Lucha Britannia and some CRAZY fetish and alternative parties, Ms Dead Head could often be found performing her own brand of crazy on the stage or whipping the crowd into a frenzy on the decks at Fangtasia, the HBO endorsed Vamp night held regularly there.

Host to some of the most exciting underground performers London has to offer, Fangtasia had a reputation for pushing boundaries and warping perceptions..

But like all good things, times change, things change, Covid hit, Ms Dead Head retired from performing and Djing and we all get a little bit cosy..

Until a phone call came out of the blue from Resistance Gallery's head honcho, Mr Garry Vanderhorne..

Does Ms Dead Head fancy spinning some records after a 5 year hiatus?

Well there could only be one answer

And so it will come to pass that you can catch Ms Dead Head slinging discs at Fangtasia THIS SATURDAY 20th DECEMBER at Simulacra Studios 302-304 BARRINGTON ROAD BRIXTON. LONDON. SW9 7JJ

You can get tickets from Skiddle now.

See you there Vamps!

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