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Low Cost High Quality Merchandise from Dead Head

We get it, merch is expensive. Especially if you're a new band and can't tour or you're just starting up your new art venture or podcast, or your brand is just starting to pick up and you want to capitalise on it.

Let's face it, the pandemic has made it a little more difficult for everyone to get their brand out there.

But what if you could order merch direct from one place, not have to set up any outlay and have a dedicated page just for your merch.

Dead Head can offer just that!

Dead Head has a wide variety of merch available from standard basics to premium quality to suit any budget, including but not limited to; T-Shirts, Hoodies, Bags, Leggings, Phone Covers and Hats.

Below is a breakdown of just some of what we can offer. If you want to know more then drop us an email at


We offer a brand-specific landing page for your merch at

This will have a link to all your relevant pages such as website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

We maintain this page and SEO and will update it regularly as per your directions.

We shall also include mention of your page in our email mailouts, and on Facebook and Instagram where relevant.

Merch Package Tiers.

You have a choice of 3 tier levels of merch you can have on sale as laid out here:

Tier One

2 t-shirt styles, 1 hoodie and 1 accessory of your choice

Fee per item sold: £1 handling fee

Tier Two

5-10 t-shirt styles, 2 hoodies, 2 accessories of your choice

Fee per item sold: £1.50 handling fee

Tier Three

Unlimited t-shirt and hoodie styles, unlimited bag /accessory style choice

Fee per item sold: £2.00 handling fee

All these packages are negotiable to work best for your brand.

Your Logo Designs

We will accept your designs via email as .png .ai .eps.psd and .svg

.png, .pdf and .psd

You retain all ownership of your logo and intellectual property. The fees we take are for handling and admin only.

It's also agreed that you own the copyright for any designs you submit to us for printing. Any liability for breach of copyright is held with you.

Dead Head are happy to assist with vectorising of your designs and we can also provide logo and image designs for your merchandise at an agreed cost.

Please email for a quote.

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