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Dead Head's Ones to Watch in 2021

There is nothing quite like the feeling of discovering your new favourite band, telling everyone you know why they are the next best thing to sliced bread and getting the tracks thumping through their ears too.

With the wonders of social media, it's now easier than ever to discover new and upcoming artists, but it’s all too often that sometimes the best ones slip through the cracks and don’t quite make it onto your Instagram algorithm, but we’re here to change that.

If you want your 2021 shaken up (in the best way possible), take a listen to our upcoming artists for this year…


For fans of: Slaves, Viagra Boys, Shame

Listen to: Danny Nedelko

Having just released their third studio album, the pummelling Ultra Mono, Idles have more than cemented themselves as one of the UK’s best up and coming rock bands. The boys annihilate fictional fascism and social constructs through brutally honest lyrics and punk-heavy guitar lines. If you’re after tongue in cheek humour and defiant lyricism, look no further.


For fans of: Speech Patterns

Listen to: Glass Heart

Previously known as Captives before a forced name change, Leeds hailing hard-core band are stomping to their own tune and waving a flag in the name of metal. Their unique sound allows them to stand out against other up and coming metal bands of their ilk with their distinctive lead vocals and intriguing sonic compositions.

Elijah Miller

For fans of: Tom Houston, Ten Tonnes, Peace

Listen to: Alfred Benson

Delivering a delicious offering of upbeat indie-rock, Elijah Miller is perfect for a sun-soaked afternoon of introspective daydreaming and cloud watching. Dulcet tones and infectious lyrics come aplenty, awash and a-daze with optimism and confidence, Elijah Miller is a firm contender on our list for ones to watch for 2021.

Darko (US)

Josh Miller and Tom Barber stood in front of a dark blue fence looking cool

For fans of: To The Grave, Carcosa

Listen to: Pale Tongue

This deathcore duo acts as a side project for members Tom Barber and Josh Miller. Their debut EP Dethmask (released late last year) features hit track ‘Pale Tongue’ that was received with great acclaim by fans and newbies alike. Slowly creeping their way onto many-a-radar, its no doubt that we’ll see their name popping up more and more over the coming years.

For fans of: Badflower, Airways, Goodbye June

Listen to: American Blood

No doubt plucking their name from the Nancy Kleinbaum novel, Dead Poet Society released their debut full-length EP just last month. Following on from their moniker, the band tackle non-conformity through self-confessed bravado which has attracted them a highly dedicated following. Initially set to play Download Fest, I’m sure we’ll see their name pop up on more and more festival line-ups.

Royal Blood

For fans of: The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Idles

Listen to: Trouble’s Coming

Fans of Royal Blood will be all too familiar with their signature fuzzed-up guitar. The tumultuous rock duo have toured their way around the arenas of the UK and picked up an impressive following through their use of hip-hop influences to create a unique rock style. Keep an eye out for their upcoming album ‘Typhoons’ on the 30th April.

Sydney Sprague

For fans of: Lande Hekt, Katy Kirby, Black Foxxes

Listen to: quitter

Her infectious grunge hooks and outspoken outlook ring reminiscent of ‘Let Go’-era Avril Lavigne, in the most fantastic way. Self-described as ‘like Avril Lavigne but sadder’, the Phoenix hailing indie rocker is making waves way across the sea and into the UK. Guitar in tow, this female powerhouse is cementing herself into the up-and-coming indie community with her outpour of emotions and inner struggles.


For fans of: Loyle Carner, Kendrick Lamar, DAVE

Listen to: CANCELLED

Known by his moniker Slowthai, Tyron Frampton is known for his gritty vocals and politically infused lyrics. The Northampton rapper wrote his latest album largely in lockdown, with controversial views on the royal family and boastful lyricism, Slowthai is a rising star and sees himself on the line-up on numerous festivals over the coming Summer.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

For fans of: Lower Than Atlantis, Creeper, Don Broco

Listen to: Crowbar

If you’re a fan of rollicking rock and raucous live-shows, FCatR are for you! Rising to fame after the release of their debut album ‘Blossom’ in 2015, the band have gone from strength to strength from the use of their brutal lyrics and no-holding-back attitude.

As December Falls

Band As December Falls

For fans of: Doll Skins, City of the Weak

Listen to: Tears

With their latest single ‘Tears’ released just over a week ago, the female fronted Nottingham contagious rock quartet will drop their sophomore album later this year – set for self-release. Their pop-punk attitude is second to none, extraordinarily independent and singing about internal struggles, their tracks offer a stunning introspection into human consciousness.

Black Country, New Road

For fans of: Squid, Goat Girl, Working Men’s Club

Listen to: Sunglasses

Rarely seen, this indie-rock outfit is an eight-piece extraordinaire, declared ‘the best band in the world’ by Quietus having only released two singles, they have received a non-stop stream of praise since their inception in 2018. Their emergence has offered plentiful hope for the future of indie rock and what the next generation of bands has to offer.

Gen and the Degenerates

Band Gen and the Dengerates band photo looking moody and promoting their collab with Marshall Live
Marshall Live favourites Gen and the Degenerates

For fans of: Bang Bang Romeo, Strange Bones

Listen to: Cocaine

Just under a year old, these indie rockers are a female-fronted coming-of-age outfit that is known for being ‘playfully aggressive’. Redefining the meaning of ‘female-fronted’, their self-confessional tracks offer a gleeful insight into lead ‘Gen’, firming themselves as a formidable force to be reckoned with.


For fans of: Snake Eyes, James and the Cold Gun

Listen to: Molotov Smile

And last, but by no means least, Crashface. The London duo with a penchant for infectious punk rock, the boys are spearheading a noisy, energy filled revolution. Their latest release ‘Molotov Smile’ saw frontman Charlie Hinton turned camera-man in a self-directed punk rock frenzy. Keep your eyes peeled.

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