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2020 Pandemic - Good or Bad?

With the overwhelming presence of Covid-19 and strict social restrictions, was the overall outcome a good or bad thing?

No matter how you look at it, Covid-19 hit the unsuspecting world in ways that will be felt for years to come, and for some, it will never get better.

Take heart again; put your dismal fears away. One day, who knows? Even these hardships will be grand things to look back on." - Virgil

Good or bad, I guess it boils down to your life perspective, do you see life as a...

Glass half full or half empty

I have always fooled myself into thinking I'm a #glasshalffull type of person, but honestly deep down I know I have a glass half empty mentality, prepare for the worst and relish in the best. It was this mentality that ultimately drove my #ambition to take full control over my own destiny and not leave it in someone else's hands.

2020 started off like every new year, with high hopes and ambitions, only for it to be side rammed straight off its trajectory, leaving most of the worlds population in a state of uncertainty, uncertain who will be affected, not only by covid but by the ramifications of covid, uncertain how they will be affected, uncertain how long they will be affected and uncertain what the future holds. Being in that state of mind for extended periods of time drives a person insane, you start questioning if this is a dream or some shit B-grade horror movie, reality can't be this lame.

Glass Half Empty

After 8 #loyal years at a company I was put on furlough for the foreseeable future, at first most enjoyed the "time off" thinking it would pass and disappear in a relatively quick fashion, burn bright and die quick kind of #pandemic, but when the days becomes weeks the negative mindset crawls in, takes hold of your #psyche and toys with it, doom and gloom is all you can think of, which wasn't helped by the fear mongering of mainstream media.

My negative mentality devised every manner how this could go wrong, it's amazing what the mind can create with a bit of fuel, and fear is highly combustible. It was at 3am, 2 months into furlough, that my self survival kicked in, with such force that I woke immediately and was wide awake. Fight or Flight, and flight wasn't possible in a quarantine, so fight was the only option, and fight I was going to, #destroyanddominate. I decided to use my 20 years experience in print and design to create the path that will lead me away from all this uncertainty, a path that will lead me to better days, away from this reality that I'm experiencing, the reality in which I am now dead.

Glass Half Full

I created Dead Head Merchandise with my love for #heavymetal, #thrashmetal, #metal and all things #dark in the hopes of not having to rely on normality in times of abnormality, but with every new adventure comes a bit of naivety. I was under the impression that my experience in print and design could take me all the way to the end, thankfully I realised that it could only take me so far, I needed others with the same lost feeling, and the pandemic created many of these people. Dead Head is privileged to be able to collaborate with incredibly gifted and unique people, without their help none of this would've been possible.

The struggle is far from over, but my outlook is positive, Dead Head may bring a means for us to reach out and help others in need, others that have been forgotten and are lost. Dead Head strives to bring the very best designs and merchandise to everyone across the world to ensure that we are able to assist in making a difference in others lives, giving them hope when they have none, a path that leads to a better life, like it has done for me.


Life sucks, but it doesn't have to, we have the ability to change everything, and I have started with the change in mine.

#Deadheadmerchandise offers beautiful high quality designs heavily influenced by our love and adoration of Heavy metal , goth punk culture, alternative lifestyle and grunge street wear created by talented designers and artists, ranging from Illustrators, tattoo artists, graphic designers, painters and doodlers, and we do these designs justice by printing them onto high quality products, products ranging from T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tanks Tops, Long Sleeve Shirts, 3/4 Sleeve Shirts, Sweatshirts and mugs for Men, Women and Children. My aim is to donate a portion of Dead Heads annual sales to charities and causes in need and for this Dead Head will reach out to our members to vote for and in 1 year Dead Head will reveal the charities and make the donations.

I hope you will be joining us, all I know is that it will be one hell of a ride and the road leads to great things!

Mr Dead head