The Story of Dead Head

Established in 2020 in the wake of the Pandemic, We realised that we need to take more control of our own lives and created independence from the gears and cogs that would ultimately redefine us as another gear, we became self aware and self reliant.... we became Dead Heads.

Dead Head Merchandise offers beautiful high quality designs created by talented designers and artists, ranging from Illustrators, tattoo artists, graphic designers, painters and doodlers, and we do these designs justice by printing them onto high quality products, products ranging from T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tanks Tops, Long Sleeve Shirts, 3/4 Sleeve Shirts, Sweatshirts and mugs for Men, Women and Children, all these products are supplied and produced around the world creating job opportunities for those that need it most and assists us in getting the products to you quicker from closer production houses. Our aim is to donate a portion of Dead Heads annual sales to charities and causes in need and for this Dead Head will reach out to our members to vote for and in 1 year, on Dead Head's Birthday, We will reveal the charities and make the donations.

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